About Laynie X

Laynie X is a Philadelphia-based visual artist that specializes in portraits. Her medium of choice is graphite and coloured pencil. Laynie chooses to draw portraits of mainly women in an effort depict their everyday moods and emotions.
She enjoys drawing women who display emotions/actions of strength and resiliency, because of female’s emotional nature. Women are emotional beings who often perform daily duties with a smile or with confidence despite the multitude of obstacles they may face in the dark.
Laynie has been drawing ever since age 6 or younger, but started taking art seriously in 2014 right before she entered graduate school. If you ask Laynie about her education, she will say that she received her Master’s degree in social work to become an artist! The social work program taught Laynie about her character and purpose, which along with her teachers (and God), encouraged her to make her decision to become a freelance artist. 
Laynie’s goal is to use what she has learned from social work as well as her personal experiences to lift up and inspire others through art.
When Laynie is not drawing, she enjoys traveling, sitting out in nature, laughing at EVERY season of Golden Girls and spending time with her fiancé.

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